Wedding License Information

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You MUST bring your South Carolina marriage license to the wedding. The wedding ceremony cannot be performed if you do not have your license with you.   

Please plan on presenting the document to me before the ceremony.  After the ceremony, I will complete the license, have you and your new spouse sign it (there are three copies) and provide you with your permanent copy.  I will then return the other two copies to the marriage license division of the office of the probate judge from the county where it was first issued.

Remember, to get married in South Carolina, you must obtain a marriage license from any South Carolina county courthouse office of the probate judge.  Licenses from other states are not valid. 

Please be aware that, while many or all of the requirements can be the same, each county has the authority to set its own rules and regulations, mostly to do with the cost of a license.  As an example, you will find here the specific requirements as stipulated by Charleston County’s Marriage License Division in the Office of the Probate Judge.