The Wedding License

You MUST obtain a South Carolina marriage license to be married in this state.  Licenses from other states are not valid.  Also, you can obtain a license from any county in South Carolina.


But let me recommend what I consider to be the easiest way to get one.


Follow this link to apply online in Charleston County.  This is the Marriage License Division of the Probate Court.  All the instructions and requirements can be found here.


After applying, this office will email you your license.  (They will send you three different copies of the document.) 


After you’ve received it, please forward it to me.  There are things I need to do to prepare it so that you can sign it right after the ceremony.  Once signed, I’ll give you your official copy.  (Typically, I’ll put it in the hands of your coordinator/planner who then gives it to you at the end of the evening.)  I’ll then take the other two copies and mail them back to the marriage license office.

And that's it!